British couple “delighted” with big win

Online casino site Jackpotjoy has recently announced another lucky winner on one of its hugely popular online slot games. Mrs Wendy R hit a progressive jackpot to earn herself and her husband a timely pre-Christmas boost to their personal finances.

For punters who enjoy the thrill of online bingo, scratch cards or a wide variety of casino games, Jackpotjoy has quickly become one of the most popular websites on the Internet. The site is presented by the smiling face of Barbara Windsor, the Jackpotjoy ‘Queen of Bingo’, and contains a wide variety of different, exciting games of chance for users to enjoy.

One of the big attractions of the bingo site is that its games not only have many progressive jackpots waiting to be won, but that lucky players can and do win them frequently, as Wendy clearly demonstrated last month.

The lucky winner told Jackpotjoy that she was “delighted” with her win and cheerily revealed, “my husband was too!” Wendy won a grand total of £6,844 from hitting the progressive jackpot while playing the slot game Diamond Bonanza in the run up to Christmas.

Diamond Bonanza is a one of the company’s most popular online slot games, offering players the chance to win a variety of progressive jackpots depending upon how much they choose to wager for each spin. Before playing, players can select how much they would like to gamble for each line from a choice of 25p, 50p or £1. There are a maximum number of five winning lines available for each spin, with the player being able to select lines individually by clicking the “Bet One” button, or he or she can select all the available five lines by selecting the “Bet Max” button.

Therefore, a player opting to play for 50p per line, who clicks the ‘Bet Max’ button, would wager 50p on five winning lines, meaning that each spin of the reels would cost them £2.50. Alternatively, by clicking on the ‘Bet One’ button, a player can select whether to bet on one, two, three or four lines for each spin.

Additionally, many players who play slots regularly make full use of the Auto Spin feature. This allows players to set the number of spins they want the software to make for them automatically, without the need for the player to click individually each time.

This feature can be fully customised by the player so that the function will automatically stop if your account reaches a certain limit, or if you win a large jackpot and want to transfer your winnings into your bank account, just as lucky winner Wendy did.

With their windfall of almost £7,000 providing the funds for a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year, Wendy and her husband will doubtless enjoy spending their winnings. Games such as the popular Deal or No Deal, Red or Black and Wonderland consistently offer progressive jackpots well in excess of £300,000, for as little a stake as 10p per line.

Furthermore, as an increasing number of players attempt to win the jackpots on offer, the amount that one lucky player will win rises by the second.

If you are not a fan of slot games however, the good news is that Jackpotjoy offers progressive jackpots on a host of other games too.

The Bejeweled Bingo and Diamond Bingo games regularly offer progressive jackpots in excess of £100,000, with many other games, including Monopoly Snap, Bullion Bonanza and Jacks or Better offering jackpots of several thousand pounds for the eventual lucky winner.