Our wedding Clare Kelly and Peter Malone

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BEAMING bride Clare Kelly was walking in a winter wonderland when she tied the knot as snow lay all around.

The Hartlepool 27-year-old and husband-to-be Peter Malone, 26, said “I do” on one of the chilliest days in memory.

And there to help her celebrate were friends and family from as far away as Norway who made it to the wedding venue on a weekend when the temperature gauge read -9 C.

Clare, a restaurant manager for Burger King in Hartlepool, and Peter, a dental technician, married at Hotel Tall Trees, in Yarm, on December 4.

Clare said: “We were worried beforehand because we thought people might not be able to make it with all the snow that fell.

“We had family coming from Grimsby and a friend of ours coming from Norway but in the end we had 55 people there on the daytime and 90 on the night.”

Snow has played a recurring theme in the relationship of Clare and Peter.

She explained: “It snowed when we got engaged exactly two years ago and that was at Tall Trees as well. We had gone out for a meal and Peter was trying to propose to me. He wanted me to go on a romantic walk by the river but I wouldn’t because it was snowing!

“So when we got back to the hotel, we were outside and I was walking ahead of him. I turned round and he was on one knee saying ‘will you marry me?’

“I screamed, I jumped on him and said yes straight away.”

As the couple began planning for a wedding, Clare admitted: “We booked it for as close as we could get to the anniversary of our engagement and I was hoping it would snow again.

“But you don’t think of the consequences and then we realised some of Peter’s family would be coming from Grimsby and one of our friends would be coming back from Norway where he works..

“Thankfully, they made it and the day was perfect.”