Just what the doctor ordered for Ruff Diamond

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STREET dance crew Ruff Diamond have called on some extra help in their preparations for their busy schedule.

The six-man crew from Hartlepool is taking strengthening classes at the Body Doctor gym in town, run by Steven Smith - the man who got more than a dozen people into shape in last year’s Hartlepool Mail-backed Weigh Forward competition.

Steven said: “The crew got in touch to ask if I would help them with strength and condition training. I am helping them out for two to three days a week. I am delighted that they asked me.”

He said his instruction covers all types of strength training as well as cardiovascular work, and added: “They need to perform routines for five minutes at a time without getting tired.

“Some of the work I do with them is leg work because they do a lot of steps in their routines. I try to focus on the areas they need to improve on.”

Steven said his gym has “taken off” in recent months and up to 50 people a time were attending his regular fitness boot camps.

Ruff Diamond member and choreographer Zac Healey said: “We are delighted to be working in conjunction with Steven. The training we are getting from him is hugely important. We are now a professional dance crew and must be in peak physical shape for upcoming gigs and performances.”