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I ENCLOSE some photographs which I hope readers may find interesting.

It is amazing how many changes have taken place in Hartlepool since the photographs were taken.

Local shops and popular public houses that you would have thought would have remained forever – gone!

Top left: View of a chemical wagon going into the Steetley plant on September 7, 1989. My late father, Tom Roe, worked there as a kiln maintenance man and kiln operator from 1946 to 1970.

Top right: The Co-op store, Miers Avenue, December 1988. (L-r) manageress Esther, and staff member Anne (?) I believe the Co-op closed in May 1993.

Bottom left: Would this be the Customs House? Take August 1988 just before renovation work began.

Bottom right: Looking towards Steetley from the car park of the Touchdown Hotel, February 1990.

John Roe,

Winterbottom Avenue,