Fishing on the Skelton Pier

The old 'skeleton pier
The old 'skeleton pier

THE photograph of the Skeleton Pier reminds me of the time some 60 years ago when I often went fishing there.

I was about 12 years old at the time.

On one occasion I went with a school friend, Malcolm Macdonald.

It was on a November early evening.

There was a very high tide and a strong wind blowing. But the fish were biting and, between us, we got a reasonable catch.

Taking them home, I felt elated about what we achieved.

I was rewarded with a good hiding from my father for being on the pier in such stormy conditions unsupervised.

On looking back on the event I suppose I deserved it for not letting my parents know where I was going.

The fish was still accepted for the table.

The Skeleton Pier provided a good shelter from the seaward side to allow us youngsters to swim in relative safety during the summer school holidays.

I lost touch with Mally, as he was known at school.

We lived in Alexandra Street area near to the locomotive sheds.

So Mally, if you’re about, let’s have a reunion. I hope to hear from you.

E Clark,

Stirling Street,