Henry Smith reunion proves so popular that there are plans for another

Henry Smith School's Class of 1977 during their school reunion
Henry Smith School's Class of 1977 during their school reunion

A SCHOOL reunion that was held last month has proved so popular there are plans for it to be repeated next year.

The Mail reported two weeks ago that a get-together for Henry Smith School’s Class of 1977 was held at Hartlepool Rovers Quoit Club.

The event attracted around 70 people and the general consenus was “there just weren’t enough hours in the night”.

Now plans are in the pipeline to stage another reunion for the group.

It will take place at the same venue, at 7pm on May 9, next year.

Janet Arnold, 52, who organised the last event with schoolpals Steve McGregor and Judy Wilson, said: “We were going to do it agaain for our 40th anniversary of leaving school.

“But we enjoyed ourselvse so much and everyone said ‘can we do it again’ sooner so we are having it next year.”

Janet, from the Oxford Road area, added: “There was a lot of people that never turned up or couldn’t get there.

“But we have found a lot more of our schoolpals who we couldn’t find last time and hopefully more will be there next year.”

She added that among those who she hopes will be at next year’s event are Michael Bruce.

Michael hit the headlines last month after the Mail helped reunite him with his step-son Carl Robertson after 13 years, following an appeal in Together Again.

Janet recognised Michael’s name and got in touch with him to see if he was the same Michael Bruce from school – and he was.

She said another hopeful for next year is Wendy King, who now lives in Blackpool.