The tragic story of a Hartlepool milkmen family

DAVID and Florrie Skidmore
DAVID and Florrie Skidmore

A FAMILY of milkmen made our headlines last month and Michael Atherton has filled in the blanks.

We wanted to know more about Tom Skidmore, 42, Archie, 40, Freddie, 38, Harry, 36, and Arthur, 34, who shared a common bond and probably a place in history.

In 1966, the five brothers from Hartlepool all worked for the Northern Dairies which was based in Lynn Street. We wanted to know more about them.

We put out an appeal in Family Roots earlier this month and, as usual, we got a speedy response.

Michael, 58, - a former sales rep for Rington’s Tea in Hartlepool between 1977 and 1987 and then a postman - told us that his relative Florrie, nee Harrison, was mum to the five Skidmore boys.

Florrie, who died in the 1970s, was the sister of Michael’s grandfather William Edward Harrison.

Michael, who was born and bred in Billingham and still lives there in the town centre area, also told us that Florrie was married to David Skidmore and they lived in the Melrose Street area of Hartlepool.

They also had a son called Sammy who died while serving on a ship called HMS Curacoa in 1941. Tragically, Sammy has just celebrated his 21st birthday when he was killed.

David was then 74 years of age in 1966 when the Northern Daily Mail interviewed them for the first time, and was a resident of Melrose Street in Hartlepool.

He used to have a milk barrow that he pushed round the streets of the town.

Our thanks go to Michael for sharing his information.

We would love to know more about the family trees of our readers.

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•Next week - Michael’s appeal for help on descendants.