Where are they now?

Pic from Billy Wood'82 Fenton Road'Hartlepool'february 2012.

Pic from Billy Wood'82 Fenton Road'Hartlepool'february 2012.

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I ENCLOSE a photo of the survivors of the Technical Day School team that won the West Hartlepool Schools Shield in 1947.

They will be octogenarians this year and it would be nice to hear from any of them.

We know the Mail finds its way to the four corners, and it may just find somebody out there.

I can only account for five of them.

George Cooper, Ralph Guthrie and Bill Foster have sadly passed away.

Ray Rowbotham and Freddie Williams are still in town.

Ralph Guthrie of course was Pools’s goalkeeper in the famous match against Manchester United in January 1957.

The players on the back row (l-r): Nick Trowsdale, Alan Kiddell, Ray Rowbotham, Ralph Guthrie, Peter Jeal, Freddie Williams and A Storm.

Front row (l-r): George Cooper, Dennis Williams, Billy Wood, Bill Foster, A Hands, Dennis Hall and Robbo Hunter.

Billy Wood,

Fenton Road,