Travel: Relaxing vibe and shopping heaven in ‘San Francisco’ of the south coast

Bohemian Brighton has so many things going for it that it’s difficult to know where to start.
An artist's impression on how the treehouses would look

Luxury treehouse rooms planned for North East hotel

A North East hotel plans to branch out - with the creation of six luxury treehouses.

Hiring a car on holiday can be a whole lot of trouble if you are not careful.

Five ways to steer clear of car-hire problems on holiday

Every summer millions of Brits sit behind the wheel on far-flung destinations across the world.
Make sure that everything is included in your all-inclusive holiday.

Does your 'all-inclusive' holiday have hidden costs?

The prospect of an all-inclusive holiday where everything is laid on – and “free” – when you arrive at your destination, is for many, the ultimate in relaxation.
The Silver Spirit.

Travel: Six-star luxury and a butler on the Champions’ League of voyages

When the first glass of champagne was delicately placed into my hand as we were escorted onto the Silver Spirit, I knew we were about to embark on something special.

Will your holiday insurance cover you if something happens while you're away?

Will your holiday insurance cover you if the worst happens while you are away?

Every year, for the past few years, someone with cancer or another similarly serious diagnosis, has contacted me via social media.


Travel: Legoland's amazing Castle Hotel open to adventurers

The Legoland Resort and Theme Park in Windsor has just opened the doors to its brand new Castle Hotel. Stuart Chandler and his family had a look around. . .
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The characters who bring Peppa Pig World to life.

Travel: Magical family memories made with a visit to see Peppa and friends

Parents  may be sceptical when I recommend they take their little ones to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Hampshire.
How soon do you pack for your holidays?

It's official - men have a last-minute rush before a holiday while women are more organised

We all knew it! Men have a last-minute rush before a holiday while women are more organised, a survey has found.
Have you stayed somewhere that didn't live up to the brochure description?

How to complain if your holiday wasn't how it looked in the brochure

You wouldn’t know it from the weather this June, but it’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to a sunny getaway.

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Don't suffer sunburn because of misleading claims by your sun cream.

Don’t get burned by false claims of 'once-a-day' sun creams

They sound like the perfect solution to one of the chores of holidaying in the sun.

The picturesque city of Luxembourg.

Travel: Why Luxembourg has much more to offer than its financial empire

It is famous as a tax haven and for its army of investment bankers. But there’s so much more to Luxembourg than its financial empire.

If you're off on holiday in the summer, you might get caught up in delays.

Bad news for Brits flying abroad this summer

Holidaymakers heading abroad this summer are almost twice as likely to face flight delays from main UK airports.

The beautiful city of Zagreb.

Travel: Zagreb grabbed hold of my heart in whirlwind visit to a hidden gem

There are some places that are hidden gems and despite being the Croatian capital, Zagreb is often overlooked as a destination in its own right.

Make sure you're not going to be hit with a big bill after you hire a car abroad.

Six dos and don'ts for hiring a car when you go on holiday

I learned an expensive lesson a few years ago when I was driving around Europe in a hire car.

Travel bosses have been left "embarrassed" by the huge spike in reports of holiday sickness, which they describe as "a British problem". Picture: PA.

'Food poisoning' scams could spell end to all-inclusive holidays for Britons

UK holidaymakers could be banned from all-inclusive breaks unless they stop making bogus food poisoning claims, tour operators have warned.

A general shot of a humpback whale

Travel Review: Whale watching in the North Sea

“A humpback whale? In the North Sea?!” - it may sound fishy, but this majestic species is just one of the cetaceans spotted in waters off the North East coast.


Newcastle voted nation's favourite airport

Sun-seekers should fly from Newcastle but avoid Luton, according to a poll of UK travellers.

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Kids will love the new Ninjago ride.

Travel: Incredible fun to be had for all as Lego resort opens brand new world

Master your destiny, summon the spirit of Wu and become a Lego ninja warrior for a day at Legoland Ninjago World.

You may be entitled to more than you think if your flight is delayed.

Flight delays and what you can do when 'sorry' isn't enough

Slumped on the floor or sitting on suitcases in increasingly hot airports, constantly scanning screens for information that doesn’t appear… is there anything more frustrating than hanging around waiting to board a delayed plane to go on holiday or to get home?
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