11 things you’ve said about claims Brexit could have ‘devastating’ impact on education

Hartlepool College of Further Education.
Hartlepool College of Further Education.

Mail readers have had their say after college chief Darren Hankey said the effects of the Brexit vote could be ‘devastating’ for the young people of Hartlepool.

Mr Hankey, principal at Hartlepool College of Further Education, said the consequences are likely to be ‘far reaching and devastating’ for both the young people in Hartlepool and the town’s economy.

Mail readers have had their say on the claims with Ian Griffiths commenting: “I’m not sure there’ll be a college in the country that’s not saying exactly the same, as lots get EU funding though one channel or another. That funding will be replaced by alternative funding. He should have guessed this surely!”

Candus Renee said: “Yeah... They won’t go in noticed obviously there’s no funding off eu so!!!”

Dave Mathwin commented: “What if it’s not devastating an it proves to be the best thing for the uk. They’re just upset the leave vote was successful.”

Andrew Bootsy Sotheran stated: “We funded Europe,,,, Europe never funded us,,,, billions a year saved.”

Luke Metcalf commented: “Here comes everyone defending voting out.”

Sharon Birch said: “Did anyone research how much funding the EU gives the north east? You’d be very surprised at how much came this way. Of course, now it will stop and do you think the Government will give the same to this area? Not likely. Hope I’m wrong.”

Phil Hannon stated: “EU funding now there’s a paradox if ever there was one, basically our money rinsed through an EU bank millions of €s in interest gained then handed back in grant form, speak to the lads on the fish quay see what EU grants did for their industry.”

Andrew Bootsy Sotheran said: “We voted out !! Deal with it ,,,, democracy,,, the people have spoken...... People might have t work for what they want out of life and not rely on handouts !!!! Fact ,,, now you’ll have to excuse me I’m going back to work to earn MYSELF some money ,,,”

Jackie Callander commented: “Zzzzzz move on and embrace your freedom.”

John Kitching said: “Another scaremonger.”

Robert Callander wrote: “There’s that word “COULD” yet again,deal with it.”