A mild spell of weather for Hartlepool residents

Waves break on rocks off Hartlepool Headland.
Waves break on rocks off Hartlepool Headland.

HARTLEPOOL can look forward to a spell of mild weather this week.

After a weekend of on-and-off showers, residents of the town can hopefully put their umbrellas away except for the evening of Monday, May 12, according to Met Office experts.

Monday will see a blanket of cloud but the rain should hold off until the evening, when some light showers are expected around 7pm.

Temperatures of 10C and light winds of just 5mph will be experienced throughout the day.

Sunshine will sneak through the clouds on Tuesday, May 13, will light winds of 7mph, and temperatures reaching up to 12C.

Evening temperatures will drop to around 7C.

Wednesday, May 14, will see sunshine and clouds once again, with thermometers hitting a slightly higher temperature of 13C.

Thursday, May 15, will have a muggy feel as temperatures hit 15C and the skies are predicted to be covered with a blanket of cloud.