All aboard... for sport of the stars

Adam Henderson pictured on one of the paddle boards in Hartlepool Marina.
Adam Henderson pictured on one of the paddle boards in Hartlepool Marina.

A NEW water sport loved by Hollywood stars is making a splash at Hartlepool Marina.

Paddle boarding sees participants balance on a big surfboard and sail on the water using a canoe-like paddle.

It has become the new favourite sport of Hollywood A-listers like Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston to keep fit.

Now water sports fans in Hartlepool can have a go after it was brought to town by marina bosses.

Allan Henderson, director of Hartlepool Marina, said: “We’re quite excited about it.

“It’s really green and seemingly all the Hollywood stars are doing it to keep fit.

“It’s great exercise because you use many of your core muscles and it is also a lot of fun.”

The sport is the latest in a series of fun activities to be introduced at the marina following the success of the Walk on Water floating balls, Thundercat racing boats and hovercraft.

Marina bosses decided to bring it to town after learning about it at the London Boat Show,

Staff were trained by UK canoe sailing expert Steve West who travelled to Hartlepool.

Adam Henderson, the marina’s water activities manager, added: “There’s a lot of falling in involved so it’s probably not for someone who doesn’t want to get their hair wet.

“The beauty is it puts everyone at the same starting point.

“We are always looking to create new and interesting activities for everyone.

“It is about getting people out on the water.”

Anyone who wants to give it a go will be provided with all the equipment including wetsuit and buoyancy jackets.

The aim of the first session is to master standing up on the board.

Paddle boarding is thought to have originated in Hawaii after people started paddling in canoes while standing up.