An emotional tribute

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TEARS rolled down the cheeks of the hundreds packed into St Aidan’s Church as Becky’s uncle George Bell made an emotional tribute to the “special, beautiful Becky”.

Battling tears George, known as Uncle Pod, said: “As I look around and see all of the people here today it makes me so proud.

“Becky will be looking down and thinking ‘I must be a very special girl’, and special she is.

“As she looks around she will see her older brother and sister, Mark and Vicki, who both love and adore her so much.

“As she looks further she will see her mum and dad, Julie and Mark, and how strong and brave they are and she will think to herself ‘I have been so lucky to have such a loving family’.

“And then she will smile, that special smile which breaks people’s hearts.”

Uncle Pod told of the time he kissed Becky goodbye for the final time.

He said: “The day before Becky died I had sat with her all day and she was as chirpy as ever.

“She was watching her favourite television programmes and laughing and joking with me, she was brilliant.

“Becky has never given me a kiss on the lips, she used to joke and would only ever let me kiss her on the forehead or on the cheek.

“As I left on the night I gave her a kiss on the forehead and said goodnight.

“As I turned to leave she said ‘Uncle Pod’, and as I turned round she puckered up her lips and gave me a lovely kiss.

“Goodnight, God bless darling.”