An invitation to a big day

Deborah and Andrew choosing their wedding invitations, with help from Angela Pearson, from Ords Printers
Deborah and Andrew choosing their wedding invitations, with help from Angela Pearson, from Ords Printers

“IT looks so lovely,” said a beaming Deborah as she viewed the invitations to her own wedding day.

Our bride-to-be was at Ords Printers in Hartlepool – the provider of the invitations and place settings for her day of ultimate importance early this September.

The winner of our Bride of the Year competition, run by the Hartlepool Mail, in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography, was a picture of happiness as she was handed the package.

“People are excited about coming and now we can officially invite them,” said Deborah.

Ords is the perfect choice for any couple’s wedding invitation package.

After all, this is a company which has been around since 1840 and is believed to be the oldest in town, said shop manager Angela Pearson.

She said the company specialised in stationery, wedding stationery and digital printing at its Avenue Road premises.

But the company also has a bigger premises at Usworth Road where it employs 20 people and does litho printing work.

Angela added: “For weddings, we can do table plans and place cards. We do table names, invitations and cake boxes.”

Ideas can also include having invitations made with photos on them.

Angela added: “Business seems to be good at the moment.

“Plenty of people are getting married and a lot more people are getting married abroad these days.

“And when that happens, they usually have an evening do back home for the people here and they ask us for invitations for that.”

The latest trend, she said, was for the “bling” type of invitation, a fancy invitation.

“More bespoke wedding stationery seems to be the norm these days. Everyone wants to put their own unique stamp on their day.

“Everyone has an idea of what they want to do and they all want to do something a bit different.”

Job satisfaction, said Angela, comes from “seeing the customer go out with a smile on their face and knowing that they are going to enjoy their day.

“We offer a lot of advice whereas if people choose to do it all themselves, they might go on the internet where there are a lot of pitfalls.

“It is nice when we can sit down with people and help them.

“Being involved in the Bride of the Year competition is great and the couple seem very excited about it all.”

Ords can offer people 20 books to look through for wedding ideas.

“We can pick out of the books or people might have an idea of what they want themselves,” she said.

“The best plan is to have a look at what is available.”

Bride-to-be Deborah said: “This is one of those moments when you realise it is all real, that moment when you get your invitations to hand out.”

Fiance Andrew agreed: “Everything here is lovely.

“When we first walked in, we were taken into a lovely room and shown samples of what we could have.

“We were lucky in one sense, though, because we looked at the first album and one thing jumped out at us.

“This is one of those ‘now everything is real’ moments.”