Appeal after Hartlepool councillors refuse new homes at Quarry Farm

Hartlepool Civic Centre.
Hartlepool Civic Centre.

DEVELOPERS have lodged an appeal after councillors refused plans for 81 new homes on the edge of Hartlepool.

A public inquiry will be held by a Government inspector in Hartlepool in January.

Villiers Street Agriculture have lodged an appeal for the proposals at Quarry Farm, near Naisberry Park which were refused by Hartlepool Borough Council’s planning committee last month.

The application sought planning permission in principle for 81 new homes.

It attracted over 1,000 objections from residents with concerns about flooding, traffic and building on greenfield land.

Councillors agreed and went against the advice of their officers who recommended it for approval.

The officers said the concerns were outweighed by the need to provide new housing in the town for the next five years.

A two-day inquiry to decide the issue will now be held at Hartlepool Civic Centre on January 22 and 23.

A spokesman for the Planing Inspectorate said: “We can confirm we have received an appeal for this development.

“It will be handled through an inquiry that will sit on January 22 and 23 at Hartlepool Civic Centre.

“Interested parties will be able to make representations in writing to the inspector.”

Fran Johnson, of the Park Residents Association, who spoke out to object at last month’s planning meeting, is seeking for support against the plan from across the town.

Mrs Johnson said: “This isn’t nimbyism, it is something that affects the rest of the town.

“It has the potential for disruption to the area and the wider town if issues to do with infrastructure and flooding aren’t sorted out.

“The biggest concern is it is on greenfield land. We ought to be looking at the myriad of opportunities to build on existing brown field sites in the town.”

People who previously commented on the application, both for and against, are being contacted to say how they can be involved in the appeal.

Their submissions should be made no later than November 3.

You can also visit the Planning Inspectorate’s official website and search for the plans using the reference number 2225471.