Appeal for owner of photographs

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THE Mail is hoping readers can unravel the mystery behind a bundle of old photographs found in a town centre car park.

They were discovered by a Mail reader in the car park near The Arches, in Hartlepool’s Park Road.

They have now been handed into the Mail in the hope they can be returned to their owner.

The snaps include a small child sitting on a white wooden bench, with the name “Jean Shickle” written on the back, and “Sunderland” engraved on the front, two pictures of two men in suits who appear to be sitting on bicycles – one of whom is apparantly called Fred according to handwriting on the back – and a woman, a man, and a young girl who are standing outside of a caravan.

Among the collection, there is also a black and white photo postcard of an old Saxon Church, in Escomb, a map and letter souvenir from The Cairngorms, in Scotland, and also a cleaner’s receipt and an AA breakdown cover business card.

We hope you can help re-unite the pictures with their rightful owner.

The Mail reader who handed them in said: “I found the pictures in The Arches car park on Saturday and I picked them up and brought them to the Mail in the hope that the person who lost them can reclaim them.

“I’m sure they’ll be of sentimental value to whoever has lost them. I know I’d be upset if I lost pictures of mine.”

Anyone who believes the photographs might belong to them should come to the Mail reception, in Wesley Square, Hartlepool, or contact the newsdesk on (01429) 239380.