Atlantic crossing for proud Poolie Eileen

Eileen Kelly McKinney
Eileen Kelly McKinney

A HARTLEPOOL mum proved she is a Poolie through and through by taking a copy of her Mail poster on a transatlantic cruise.

Expat Eileen Kelly McKinney, who now lives in America, is so proud to be a Poolie that she took her Mail poster on the cruise from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, the Caribbean island of St Maarten, and on to Tenerife, Lanzarote, Madeira, and Portugal.

She even took the poster to London and was pictured outside of TV chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant.

After the cruise she flew to Hartlepool and spent a week visiting family and friends and then spent three days in London before flying home to California.

Eileen said: “We try to get home to Hartlepool about twice a year now. On the cruise ship about half the passengers were from England and we spent a lot of time with them and talked about Hartlepool.

“The last picture is outside Gordon Ramsay’s resturant, in London, where we went for lunch.”

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