Author pens scary sequel

Michelle Birbeck at Hartlepool College of Further Education during the launch of her new book
Michelle Birbeck at Hartlepool College of Further Education during the launch of her new book

AN author has given vampire fans another entertaining story to sink their teeth into with the publication of a new book.

Writer Michelle Birbeck’s new book Last Chance follows the exploits of vampires, witches and werewolves.

It is a sequel to her novel The Last Keeper which was released last year.

Her new page turner tells the story of a mythical race of beings called The Keepers.

Michelle explained: “They are an immortal race responsible for keeping the other races in line by influencing thoughts and actions to keep them hidden in the shadows.

“I grew up reading paranormal stories and it is just so much fun to write about.

“There is so many things you can do with the characters. You can add new creatures or do anything you want.

“There is far too much fun within the supernatural world to pass up.”

The paranormal world is big business at the moment with scores of books, movies and TV shows on the subject.

It took Michelle, 30, around six months to write Last Chance and is 300 pages.

The former Garlands call centre worker first started writing stories when she was at school, but gave it up for many years.

She is now a full-time author and has also had a series of short stories published.

She held a book launch at Hartlepool College of Further Education in Stockton Street.

It was where Michelle, who lives on the Central Estate, in Hartlepool, returned to complete her A-level in English literature after having to quit college several years before to care for her husband Phil, 29, after he was injured in an accident.

Her next novel called The Stars Are Falling, which is set in York, has also just been accepted for print by her publishers.

Michelle’s new novel Last Chance is available to buy now through and is also available in digital form.