‘Baby lucky not to choke’

SCARE: Natalie Marriott and Terry Taylor with baby Dylan and the dangerous dummy
SCARE: Natalie Marriott and Terry Taylor with baby Dylan and the dangerous dummy

RELIEVED parents say their son was lucky not to choke after a piece of his dummy broke off in his mouth.

Angry Terry Taylor, 38, and Natalie Marriott, 21, were stunned when they saw their seven-month old son, Dylan Taylor, holding the plastic part of a dummy in his hand, with the teat still in his mouth.

Luckily they took it away from Dylan before any damage was caused, but they believe it was fortunate the incident didn’t happen when the tot was asleep.

“It’s disgusting, if Dylan had gone to sleep with this in his mouth it could have killed him,” said Terry, a poultry farm manager.

The couple, who live in Bulmer Place, in Hartlepool and are also parents to five-year old Byron, bought the dummy on Sunday morning from D&M Allen Bakery, in the town’s Davison Drive.

They rushed back to the shop after the incident to let staff know what had happened, and say the stock needs to be called back before a child chokes.

Staff at the bakery took the dummies, which they bought from a cash and carry, off the shelf immediately.

“What happened to the stringent British laws to make sure stock like this doesn’t make it on to the shelves in the first place?” added Terry, who is also a dad to Nathan, 18, and 13-year-old Amylee from a previous marriage.

“It wasn’t an expensive dummy, but that’s not the point.

“To think that this has been passed by law and parents are going to be buying it around the country for their children scares me.

“For a dummy to break into two pieces just from a baby sucking it is appalling.

“I looked at it afterwards and there is nothing at all to make sure it sticks together, it was just wedged in.

“I could be standing here now talking about my son being killed by this dummy. We are so lucky we were in the same room at the time.”

Mum Natalie, who works in home care, added: “I just keep going over the incident in my mind.

“I haven’t been sleeping at night worrying about other children who may have these dummies.

“They need taking off the shelves.”

Margaret Allen, a partner in D&M Allen Bakery, said: “As soon as we found out about the incident we took the dummies off the shelf.

“Trading standards officers have collected eight samples and have taken them away for testing.

“They have also taken a copy of the invoice from when we bought the dummies.”

Dan Briggs, senior trading standards officer with Hartlepool Borough Council, said: “We were made aware yesterday of the alleged sale of a faulty dummy from a Hartlepool shop.

“We visited the shop and found that the owner had already removed the dummies from sale as a precaution.

“The shop owner has co-operated fully and given us some samples which we are now getting tested.”