Baden Street transformed – but still a long way to go say residents

Baden Street.
Baden Street.
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FED-UP residents have welcomed attempts to transform the fortunes of the troubled street – but warned there is a long way to go.

The Mail visited the street to gauge reaction to the work being carried out by Tara Davison, Hartlepool Borough Council and neighbourhood police teams.

Shaun Sowrey with partner Feronia Jardine

Shaun Sowrey with partner Feronia Jardine

Shaun Sowrey, 44, lives in his privately rented terraced-house with partner Feronia Jardine, 55 (both pictured below).

The pair moved in last February and they say the street is cleaner and safer since the pilot scheme started.

They say community spirit is improving and they have noticed a drop in crime and anti-social behaviour problems.

Shaun said: “Over the last couple of months the street has certainly been cleaned up.

Georges Guerreiro

Georges Guerreiro

“We always get a lot of feedback now about what is going on and what is happening in the street, which we didn’t get before.

“The support is always there.

“Tara is doing a really good job and is always on hand to get things done.”

Shaun, who described Tara as “top dog” added: “Tara encouraged us to join the Burn Valley North Residents’ Association and we went to our first meeting earlier this year.

“We are going to keep going.”

Feronia, who has five children from a previous relationship, said: “The pilot has certainly been good for this street.

“The feeling among people we speak to is that things are improving,” added Feronia who is full-time carer to Shaun.

Neighbour Georges Guerreiro has been living in Hartlepool for the past 18-years and has lived in Baden Street for almost five.

The 38-year-old (pictured above) privately rents his house and is currently looking for work and hoping to start training to become a teacher.

The dad-of-one said: “Anti-social behaviour was a big issue but it has reduced considerably.

“Those that were identified as causing the problems have been dealt with.

“Since Tara started working here there has been much more communication with residents and we are very pleased with how it is going.

“But Tara still has her work cut out.

“It is getting better though and you can see an improvement.”

Georges said residents also used to have problems with rubbish in the street and street lights not working.

But added there has been a marked improvement since Tara began working with residents as she provides a direct link between them and council departments.

He added the only problem he now encounters is the amount of traffic that uses the busy town centre street.

Georges said: “There used to be people sitting outside on sofas, fighting, violence, and domestic abuse – but there are hardly any problems now.

“There is a long way to go but it is a working progress and I am astounded by the improvements.”

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