Banged up for Georgia

Georgia with PC 'Kieth Robinson (left) and Sgt Dave Halliday
Georgia with PC 'Kieth Robinson (left) and Sgt Dave Halliday

A TEACHER will be locked up in cells in every police force in the country in a quirky three-day fundraising drive.

Sergeant Dave Halliday, PC Kieth Robinson and PC Lorene Haworth will visit every force in England in less than 72 hours in support of Hartlepool schoolgirl Georgia Hart.

They will be joined by one of the teachers at High Tunstall College of Science, where Georgia studies, who will be involved in a mock arrest in every police force area on the journey covering around 1,500 miles – the same as the distance between London and Moscow.

Every single penny raised will support Georgia, who suffers with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a progressive disease which affects just one in every 50,000 people. It attacks the central nervous system, causing co-ordination and balance problems, painful curvature of the spine and severe fatigue.

Georgia, who turned 16 yesterday, needs to raise £30,000 to get to America for pioneering treatment.

And she said she has been blown away by the support she has so far received – especially the latest quirky fundraiser, which has been named Jailed 4 Georgia.

Sgt Halliday said: “High Tunstall is a school within our neighbourhood policing ward area and we read about Georgia in the Mail.

“We were invited along to High Tunstall’s awards last year at the Borough Hall and that is when we said we wanted to do something to support her.

“We looked at different endurance challenges, but we wanted to do something totally different and this is exactly that.

“We will be covering more miles in two days then I normally cover in my car in two months!”

PC Robinson added: “It’s a novel idea, something completely different and we are hoping that attracts people’s attention and they support the challenge.”

Rumours are already rife in the school as to which teacher will be involved.

Georgia, who lives in Naisberry Park with parents Geoff, 55, a retired police officer, and Bev, 51, a business manager, said her bet was on headteacher Mark Tilling.

But Mr Tilling ruled himself out and insisted it was another member of staff – but not even the other teachers at the school know who it will be yet.

Georgia said: “It’s a great idea and I am so grateful.

“I am going to keep in touch with them on Facebook while they are doing it to see how it is going.”

You can follow the progress of the police officers and the mystery teacher by searching for Jailed4Georgia on Twitter and Facebook.

Individuals and businesses can also get involved and support the fundraisers by visiting Hartlepool’s community safety office at 173 York Road, in the town or by emailing