Bank holiday drinkers on best behaviour

POLICE have praised Bank Holiday drinkers after an unusually low number of drink-related arrests were made over the Easter weekend.

Police say the average number of arrests for drunk and disorderly behaviour from Good Friday to Easter Monday in the Hartlepool town centre area and marina bars was three or four per night.

Officers say this is significantly lower than the usual figures for arrests made on a typical weekend, which is usually in double figures.

Hartlepool Police chiefs appealed in the Mail for revellers to be on their best behaviour – or spend Easter in a police cell.

Officers had braced themselves for people taking advantage of the short break from work and urged drinkers not to go overboard at the bar, warning that any disorder and violence would not be tolerated.

But today, Temporary Inspector Chris Dawber, of Hartlepool Police, said: “In terms of town centre and marina disorder, we did very well.

“There was only three or four arrests each night for drunkenness, which is significantly lower than the usual Friday or Saturday night.

“In terms of alcohol-related disorder in the town centre, the weekend on the whole has been very good-natured and people on the whole seem to have been on their best behaviour.

“People have enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and there hasn’t been any wide-spread drunkenness or disorder.

“Crime has actually been lower than usual.”

Temp Insp Dawber thanked the public for taking the weekend in good spirits.