Best of Health’s Dentist of the Year

THE only way to achieve success is through teamwork.

That’s the view of Neil Gilhespie from Dental Care in Elizabeth Way, Hartlepool.

Dentist of the Year Award winner Neil Gilhespie.

Dentist of the Year Award winner Neil Gilhespie.

After collecting the Dentist of the Year award, he said: “It is something that I could not win without the support of a lot of people who both work with me and work for me.”

The practice has four dentists, two nurses, one hygienist and two receptionists.

Mr Gilhespie said: “You can only provide a good practice with good people alongside you.”

He said he was delighted and shocked to collect an honour in a category which had a strong line-up of entrants.

Among the comments about him, in the nomination forms, was one from a member of the public who praised the way he had helped a relative with learning disabilities.

There were comments, too, from the family of a patient who had not been to the dentist for 20 years until they came to Dental care.

They said: “Today, there is so much bad publicity about our health service but feel our dental practice in Seaton demonstrates high quality.”

They praised Mr Gilhespie for showing “patience and understanding.”