‘Beware of the geese’ warning after tot bitten in Hartlepool park for cheese sandwich

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A PREGNANT woman is warning park-goers to beware of vicious geese after her 15-month-old daughter was left in a distressed state after being pecked on the hand.

Katie Richardson was enjoying a picnic with her young daughter Poppie-Ann Richardson on the playing field in Rossmere Park, off Rossmere Way, in Hartlepool.

The 20-year-old suddenly noticed two Canada goslings flying over to where they were sitting.

And just seconds after they landed, one of the baby geese ran over to Poppy-Ann and snatched a cheese sandwich from her tiny hand, painfully pecking her in the process.

Katie, a full-time mum who is 14-weeks pregnant with her second child, said she quickly gathered up their belongings and started to run away, but had to throw the bag of food to the ground because the birds were chasing them.

She told the Mail: “I was mortified that it even happened.

“Poppy-Ann had a cheese sandwich in her hand because we were on the playing field having a picnic and two baby geese flew over.

“One of them snatched the sandwich out of her hand and nipped her finger. She was crying her eyes out and we had to leave.”

Katie, of Duncan Road, Rossmere, added: “I just want to warn other parents really because if it happens to someone smaller then it could be worse.

“Imagine if it pecked a baby’s eye or something. It’s not even worth thinking about.

“I know I won’t be going back and I definitely won’t be going with a newborn baby when my second child is born.”