Bid to steal petrol

A TEENAGER tried to siphon petrol from a car in what was described in court as an “irresponsible and useless exercise”.

Daniel Hunter was spotted by a passer-by bent down next to the car siphoning petrol out of it with “limited success”, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court was told.

The member of the public rang the police and when officers arrived at the scene, behind Northgate, on the Headland, the 18 year old was seen walking away smelling strongly of fuel.

Prosecuting, Chris Atkinson told justices: “This is a case of fuel being siphoned out of a car with limited success I understand. The defendant and another male, a youth, were seen by a passer-by interfering with the vehicle. That passer-by contacted police and when police arrived and caught the defendant walking away with a strong smell of fuel apparent on their hands.

“They didn’t obtain much fuel and the small amount they had obtained they were wearing your worships, I’ll put it that way.”

Hunter, of Marine Drive, on the Headland, pleaded guilty to theft from a motor vehicle on March 31.

Mitigating, Andrew Simpson said: “I don’t want to trivialise the offence in any way but this was a pretty poor attempt at siphoning fuel with virtually nothing being obtained, and there was no damage to the vehicle.

“It was basically an irresponsible and useless exercise which he admitted in the police station and to you today.”

Chairman of the bench Janet Henderson fined Hunter £35, ordered him to pay £50 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.