Budgie flies off ... for a second time

Tracy Connolly with Tweety the budgie
Tracy Connolly with Tweety the budgie
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A BIRD that was returned home after a mammoth 58-mile journey from Hartlepool to Wetherby has flown off again.

Distraught Tracy Connolly is appealing for help for the second time to get Tweety back home.

The adventurous budgie spread its wings at 8pm on Sunday and flew out of the back door of Tracy’s home in Hamilton Road, Hartlepool, and has not been seen since.

The Mail told how the yellow and lime-green bird ended up in West Yorkshire last August after landing in the kitchen of a property in Newark Road, Hartlepool.

An elderly couple from Wetherby, who were visiting relatives at the time, fell in love with the five-year-old bird and took her back home with them.

But they returned Tweety six days later when theyheard about an advert in the Mail.

Tracy, 44, said: “I never thought I would get her back then, but we did and now I need help again. She’s very much loved and missed.

“She’s a good flier and can go quite far, but I’m sure she will try to get in someone’s window. She’s hand-reared so is very inquisitive and interactive.

“I am worried because she does not know how to survive in the wild and won’t last long outside.”

Tracy, who also has a cat, Ozzie, and dog, Jack, is asking anyone who finds Tweety to put her in a cardboard box with air holes in it and give her some budgie feed.

Tracy, a self-employed cleaner, added: “She flies around the house all the time. I was in the garden and she flew out of the door. She landed on my head but flew off before I had chance to stop her.

“I was amazed where she ended up last time and hopefully we will have a happy ending again.”

l Anyone who has seen Tweety can ring Tracy on 07727 193352