£145m plans to build 500 new homes in Hartlepool

New homes

New homes

A DEVELOPER has lodged plans for up to 500 new homes in Hartlepool in a £145m development.

Leebell Developments has submitted proposals to Hartlepool Borough Council to transform greenfield and agricultural land at Upper Warren, next to the existing Middle Warren estate.

The applicant says the scheme will bring jobs, much-needed investment and help meet the town’s future housing needs.

Papers in support of the development submitted on behalf of the applicant state: “The exciting proposals offer a full range of housing, both marketable and affordable, alongside a raft of community and environmental benefits.”

The development site comprises an area of 21.2 hectares, just over half a mile east of Hart village.

It is next to the existing new housing at Middle Warren where the same developer has built 2,100 new homes over the last 15 years.

Land at Upper Warren is provisionally allocated for 150 properties in the council’s Local Plan.

But the developer states that at the recent Examination in Public into the Local Plan by a government-appointed inspector, it showed the wider site could accommodate between 350-500 new properties.

The papers added: “The applicant believes that it is now the correct time to release the site for a housing development given that the council does not have a five year supply of deliverable housing sites, nor is there a prospect of achieving it when the delivery of other housing sites are analysed.

“The timing of the planning application therefore allows the council to begin to positively prepare for growth over the coming plan period and the economic benefits that go hand in hand with the proposals, in terms of jobs created and the new homes bonus potential, will provide tangible benefits to the borough.

“Transport and junction improvements will mitigate traffic impacts and encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport.

“It is therefore clear that the scheme performs a positive economic, social and environmental role”.

The developer is just seeking permission in principle to build 500 new homes on the site at this stage.

The full layout, scale, appearance and landscaping would form part of a future planning application.




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