Two out of three people in the North East ‘know nothing about Northern Powerhouse’

George Osborne.
George Osborne.

Overwhelming support for devolution to the north has emerged from a major survey.

The study,commissioned by BBC local radio, shows that 82% of adults in the region believe more powers should be given to local politicians rather than MPs in Westminster.

Research company ComRes carried out the poll for BBC Local Radio. It asked people in the north for their views on devolution and the Northern Powerhouse.

It found that 82% of adults wanted local politicians to have control over services such as transport and health to improve the region.

But the survey results also show 44 percent of adults in the region have never even heard of the Northern Powerhouse policy.

And 20% say they have heard of it but know nothing about it.

The results are split over whether the Government’s Northern Powerhouse policy would boost the northern economy.

Fifty per cent of those polled said they were confident it would, but 40% disagreed.

Local politicians have already taken over control of certain policies from central government through the Northern Powerhouse plan.

Aziz Rashid, head of BBC North West, said: “Devolution is reshaping power structures across the north.

“The results of this survey suggest there is significant support for the idea of devolution but also a lack of understanding about what it means.

“It’s the BBC’s job to ensure we’re covering this changing political framework comprehensively and making the public aware about what it means for them so there can be an informed debate about the whole Northern Powerhouse idea.”