Cable theft delays trains

TRAIN passengers suffered “major disruption” to their journeys today following the theft of power cables.

People using Grand Central services travelling to Hartlepool on the London King’s Cross to Sunderland lines this morning and last night were severely delayed due to thieves stealing signalling power cables.

The rail service arranged for passengers – many from Hartlepool and the surrounding area – to use trains belonging to other companies but said they still faced delays of at least 75 minutes.

A spokeswoman for Grand Central said: “We are sorry to announce that due to the theft of signalling power cables there was major disruption to train services into and out of London King’s Cross Station on Monday evening. Passengers were granted use of other companies’ services to and from London, or to delay travel until the following day.

“This problem regrettably had a knock on delay, likely to be up to 75 minutes, on our 7.49 London King’s Cross to Sunderland service this morning.”