Call for PM to visit town

Jonathan Brash
Jonathan Brash

A COUNCILLOR has invited Prime Minister David Cameron to visit Hartlepool and “face the people”.

Burn Valley councillor Jonathan Brash has written to Mr Cameron saying he is angry with a wide range of Government policies and how they are affecting Hartlepool.

The Labour councillor said: “I hope he will recognise that Hartlepool people deserve answers on some of his Government’s policies that are causing so much harm to our town.

“It shouldn’t just be the super-rich who have a voice and the ear of those in power in this country. He should come to Hartlepool and face the people.”

In the letter, Coun Brash asked Mr Cameron to come to the town and answer questions about council tax cuts, the lack of government support during a bid for a new wind turbine factory, tax hikes for pensioners, high unemployment and the cut to the school building programme.

Coun Brash said: “People have a right to put these points to the Prime Minister and see if he cares at all about ordinary people who are suffering.”

He said Mr Cameron is yet to respond to the letter.