Call to follow new recycling scheme

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PEOPLE are being urged to help ensure the success of new recycling arrangements by putting waste in the right containers.

Hartlepool Borough Council officials say they are concerned that some residents are mixing different types of rubbish and making their waste unrecyclable - leading to 12 tonnes of recycling being ruined in the first week alone.

As part of the new arrangements, which were introduced last week, households have been given grey wheeled bins to replace their white poly bags and blue sacks.

They have retained their blue boxes, but these are now used to store only glass. Cans and tins should now be put in the grey bins along with other metal such as clean foil and empty aerosols, paper, plastic and cardboard.

Residents’ brown bins are still being used to recycle garden waste and all non-recyclable waste continues to go in their green bins.

Fiona Srogi, the council’s waste management team leader, said: “In the first week of the new arrangements, around 12 tonnes of potentially recyclable waste was ruined. This was out of a total of 1,000 tonnes of recyclable waste collected during that time.

“There were instances of tin cans still being put in residents’ blue boxes along with glass and a number of cases of general non-recyclable waste being placed in the new grey bins.

“Although 12 tonnes out of a total of 1,000 tonnes seems like a relatively small amount, it is nonetheless waste which could and should have been recycled.”