Care home nurse accused of bullying

A BULLYING care home nurse screamed at a woman when she asked for her birthday cake and cigar, a hearing was told.

Kevin Brown, 52, pushed, shouted and picked on residents who could not stand up for themselves at the Briar Court Care Home, in Hutton Avenue, Hartlepool, it was claimed.

On one occasion, Brown was seen pinning a woman with learning disabilities to a chair after she refused to make another resident a cup of tea, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in London heard.

Brown told the same woman to "shut up" when she asked if she could have her birthday cake, it was said.

The incidents are alleged to have occurred while Brown was working at the home between October 2007 and September 2008.

He faces a string of allegations relating to his alleged "inappropriate conduct" and could be kicked out of the profession if the panel finds him guilty.

Tracy Hodgson, a care assistant of seven years, told the panel she was chatting to patient A in the garden when Brown came storming out.

"He came into the garden and said to A 'back in now'," Ms Hodgson said.

"Patient A ignored him and carried on talking to me. Kevin then went behind her, so she was facing the door, and tried to push her inside."

The carer said Brown kept shoving the woman for about 60 seconds and as she wouldn't respond he snatched her spectacles off her face.

"Patient A did not say anything but seemed shocked by what had happened," she added.

She described patient A and another lady, known as patient C, as the "more vulnerable patients".

"She (patient A) found it hard to communicate so Kevin didn't try to understand her.

"Her and patient C were less likely to answer him back, so he tended to target those that were less able to stand up for themselves."

Cassandra Scarborough, for the NMC, said later the same day Brown was seen pinning a patient to a chair by her shoulders after ordering her to her room to "reflect" because she had argued with another resident about making tea.

Ms Scarborough said: "Mr Brown, for no reason, unprovoked, grabbed patient A's top and twisted it to prevent her from going anywhere.

"A care assistant described the action as 'very forceful' and the woman was left holding her ear and had red marks on the back of her neck."

A year after this incident, on patient A's birthday, she was taken to Scarborough for a day out with two care assistants.

On her return, she asked if she could have a cigar - which she regularly did - and eat her birthday cake.

Brown was alleged to have told the woman: "Shut up. You will get your cigar when I'm ready. You have been told about your cake already.

"Now shut it or I'll bring your mattress downstairs and you'll sleep here all night.'

Brown, of Stockton, has not attended the hearing and is not represented.

In a letter to the NMC he requested the hearing be heard in private as it was "not in the general public's interest", but the application was turned down.

The hearing, which is expected to last three days, continues.