Carnival was ‘one of the very best’

Headland Carnival Parade
Headland Carnival Parade

THE hardworking committee members who helped to make this year’s Headland Carnival “one of the very best” have thanked individuals and businesses for supporting the event.

But less than a week after this year’s carnival culminated in a fantastic all-action parade and the organising team are already starting to switch their focus to next year’s event.

And it’s never too early for individuals who want to join the committee or companies who want to support the event to get involved.

The committee is already starting to book the carnival’s most popular acts to make sure they will be back on the Headland at the same time next year.

A committee spokesman said: “This year’s carnival was brilliant, absolutely fantastic, now we are looking to build on that and attention has already turned to next year.

“Obviously we want to make sure all of the favourites and most popular acts return year on year so the work to start making bookings starts as soon as the carnival finishes.”

The events and activities of the carnival wouldn’t go ahead if it wasn’t for the hard work of the committee, and the support they receive from businesses and individuals.

The spokesman added: “The support this year has been fantastic and I would particularly like to thank the licensees and businesses here on the Headland, they have been great. Everyone who supported the carnival helped to make it one of the very best.”

The committee is always on the lookout for newcomers and new ideas and welcomes anyone who wishes to get in touch or join up. Members are also appealing to businesses to continue their support ahead of next year’s event.

This year’s carnival was helped along by fine weather conditions, except for the day of the sandcastle competition which had to be cancelled.

But after a meeting, members revealed they are planning to reschedule the event before the end of the summer holidays. The date will be reported in the Mail when it is confirmed. To support the carnival or get involved with the committee call John Cambridge on (01429) 297462.