Chance to grow firm from Hartlepool Marina home

A RECRUITMENT company boss is hoping a set of keys will give her firm a boost to a new level.

Lucy Patterson runs her own recruitment and business development company called JCSP - formerly Jigsaw Care Services Plus - from her home at Hartlepool Marina.

Recruitment specialist Lucy Patterson has entered the Mail's Keys to Success competition.

Recruitment specialist Lucy Patterson has entered the Mail's Keys to Success competition.

But the 38-year-old has entered the Keys To Success competition - run by the Hartlepool Mail in conjunction with UK Steel Enterprise, the business subsidiary of Tata Steel.

If she wins, Lucy believes it would “allow all avenues of the business to grow.”

Lucy told the Mail: “We specialise in providing recruitment support packages for small business, sole traders, start-ups and charities or community groups including developing volunteer recruitment and management packages.

“Unlike a ‘normal’ recruitment agency, we do not charge a percentage of final salary fee; just a one-off ‘finders fee’ that is very much below industry averages. We are currently able to be as competitive due to the nature of our business model being based around remote working and no fixed office base.”

Lucy, whose partner Neville Herron, 46, is also a businessman running his own turbo reconditioning business, said: “JCSP has been running for the last three years. I run it and I have a team of consultants that work on a self-employed basis depending where the vacancies are.”

The firm was originally called Jigsaw Care Services Plus because it recruited personal assistants to support disabled children living at home.

But JCSP has mushroomed since then. Lucy added: “We also offer business development packages. We are gaining more and more interest in this service which then leads to additional interest in our recruitment service from small business’ and community groups within Hartlepool and as such need to look at amending our business model to cope with demand.”

Lucy, who is also half of the team behind the Hartlepool Hour success story, added: “I have an increased need for venue hire and locations to run courses, workshops, business and community related events.” She said they would all benefit from being in an office base.

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