Changes to Seaton Carew’s controversial parking scheme to be discussed

Car parking at Seaton Carew . Picture by FRANK REID
Car parking at Seaton Carew . Picture by FRANK REID

Councillors will today be asked to approve a series of changes to Seaton Carew’s controversial parking charges following feedback from residents and businesses.

They include creating extra space for businesses with parking permits, shortening the hours visitors have to pay and display, and reserving space for resident only parking.

It comes after council chiefs met with residents and businesses in Seaton Carew as part of a consultation to help the council decide if the seasonal parking arrangements will stay.

A council spokesman said: “The charges at Seaton Carew have been introduced on an experimental basis and are part of a Parking Plan which aims to address a range of traffic issues in the area.

“Following a successful consultation meeting – listening to residents and local businesses – a number of proposed changes will be discussed by the council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee on Tuesday, May 23, which starts at 9am.

“Further public consultation meetings will be held over the summer ahead of a review of the Parking Plan at the end of October.

“Meetings are open to the public and all views expressed at these meetings will be fed into the review.”

The hours of the parking charges are proposed to be amended from 8am–8pm to 9am–6pm, for the car parks and the on-street pay and display areas.

Joint residents permit and pay and display bays on The Front and The Cliff are set to be changed to residents only parking between 8am and 8pm.

An area on the east side of The Front adjacent to the clock tower and bus station is proposed to be used to create additional space for business permit parking.

A disc parking scheme at Seaton Park, Station Lane is set to be extended from one hour to two hours.

And disc parking on The Front is proposed to be extended from 30 minutes to an hour.

The provision of a bin store for shops closest to the sea on The Front will be considered to prevent the need for bin lorries to enter and free up the back street.