Charity shop plea for suite donations

Barnardo's store manageress Catherine Braithwaite with one of the last settees
Barnardo's store manageress Catherine Braithwaite with one of the last settees

A BITTER suite problem is hitting a Hartlepool charity shop – and Mail readers could have the answer.

Barnardo’s charity furniture shop in Hartlepool is desperate for donations of three piece suites and is down to its last one.

Bosses think the credit crunch means people are hanging on to their existing furniture instead of buying replacements.

And that means the Barnardo’s shop at Carlton Corner, in Hartlepool, is suffering.

Manager Catherine Braithwaite said she was “absolutely desperate for donations” of bedroom furniture and three-piece suites.

She added: “We have got so many people waiting for them coming in. People haven’t always got the money to buy furniture.

“We have been known to sell five, three piece suites in one morning - local demand is that high.

“But at the moment, we are lucky if we are getting five donated a month.”

The shop is big enough to stock six three piece suites at one time, but its only item at the moment is a two-seater suite.

Charity bosses are interested in hearing from anyone clearing a relative’s house, or getting rid of furniture in advance of new items they might be ordering in time for Christmas.

The shop can collect, at short notice and free of charge.

Catherine added: “In the current financial climate, people are desperate and we do suites for £100 upwards.

“They are getting a really good deal.”

The charity shop has a manager, deputy manager and 18 volunteers.

As well as three piece suites, it offers tables, chairs and bedroom furniture. People want tables and chairs, especially at this time of year when they are getting ready for relatives coming for Christmas,” said Catherine.

“But I have never known it for being as bad as this for donations. The way things are, it seems as if people are hanging on to the furniture they have got instead of buying new.”

Anyone who can donate furniture should contact (01429) 235975.