Coins find a mystery

25th anniversary of Peterlee coins

25th anniversary of Peterlee coins

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AN enthusiastic coin collector got a nice surprise when he discovered these 36 year old artefacts.

Paul Turnbull, who runs Coinote, in Hartlepool’s Elwick Road, was having a scour through a delivery of coins and medallions when he came across something he had never seen before.

Paul Turnbull with 25th anniversary of Peterlee coins

Paul Turnbull with 25th anniversary of Peterlee coins

When he took a closer look he realised he had found a silver and a bronze coin celebrating the 25-year anniversary of Peterlee new town.

Paul, 61, logged straight on to the internet and has since tried to contact a number of people to learn more about his discoveries, so far without success.

He still has no idea of how rare the coins are but says it is the first time he has came across them in his 21 years in the business.

“It was certainly a pleasant surprise when I picked them up and realised what they were,” said Paul, who lives alone in the Elwick Road area of town.

“The first thing I noticed was the Durham crest on one side of the coin. I have been trying to work out what exactly the coin is.

“Peterlee was actually founded in 1948, so all I can think is the first residents were handed their keys in 1950.”

Paul says he can’t sell or value them until he knows how rare they are.

But he believes the silver coin is already worth more than £100 due to the metal alone.

He added: “I have been in contact with a few people in Peterlee but nobody seems to know anything about them.

“It is actually quite a mystery but I think it is something which will interest a lot of people. I’m eager to find out more.”

Paul is urging anybody who may know more about the coins to get in touch with him at the shop or via email at