Council-led crackdown launched to clean-up Hartlepool streets

Peter Jackson (front centre) with fellow service providers at the launch of the environmental crime campaign

Peter Jackson (front centre) with fellow service providers at the launch of the environmental crime campaign

A NEW council-led crackdown on environmental crime has been launched in Hartlepool.

The aim of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Respect Your Neighbourhood campaign is to try and help communities prosper and for residents to be able to take pride in where they live.

The campaign - which launched in the Burbank area and Longhill Industrial Estate area yesterday - is being led by the council but involves other organisations as well including Cleveland Police, Cleveland Fire Brigade and housing providers.

It involves a full day of action in a particular area of town one day a month and all 11 borough wards will be the focus of the campaign on a rotation basis, say council officials.

Environmental crime being clamped down on includes dog fouling, graffiti, littering and fly-tipping while there will also be anti-social behaviour patrols and arson reduction work.

Labour councillor Peter Jackson, chairman of the council’s neighbourhood services committee, said: “The council recently launched its wider vision to move the town forward over the next 20 years, but it’s equally important that we have strong local communities where people feel proud to live.

“Every month the council and other key organisations will spend a day focussing their attentions on tackling local community issues to improve the lives of local residents.”

Initiatives will include clamping down on irresponsible landlords, tackling anti-social behaviour, spot checks of vehicles carrying scrap metal, graffiti removal, removing untaxed vehicles as well as penalising people for litter, dog fouling and fly tipping offences.

Coun Jackson added: “As a council it is important that we are firm and work together with all of the relevant organisations to provide strong, vibrant local communities where local people enjoy living and feel safe.

“I am confident that the Respect Your Neighbourhood campaign will strengthen local communities and make Hartlepool a better place to live.”

The plans were first agreed by the council’s neighbourhood services committee back in November.

During the meeting, councillors questioned whether this was similar to Operation Clean Sweep, bought in under the former directly elected mayor, Stuart Drummond.

But officers said that was a week-long clean up campaign, whereas the neighbourhood action days would take place once a month in hot-spot areas, without any prior warning and would involve fixed penalty notices from the relevant enforcement agencies.




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