Crackdown on biker vandals

POLICE say they are stepping up efforts to tackle nuisance bikers who are tearing up beaches and a golf club.

Damage is being caused by off road motorbikes to parkland and coastal areas across the north of Hartlepool.

Grassed areas are being ripped up by the tyres, including patches on the embankment to the beaches and at Hartlepool Golf Club.

Police say the problem is often raised by local residents who are sick of seeing the tracks left behind by off road motorbikes, petrol powered quad bikes and customised 4x4 vehicles.

Inspector Lee Rukin said: “This damage is causing misery to local residents and businesses.

“The noise pollution as well as the visible eyesore this criminal behaviour leaves behind is causing considerable upset within the nearby communities.

“It is an offence to ride any petrol driven motorbikes, quad bikes or customised vehicles on or off the road without the legal requirements of insurance, appropriate licenses or permission to ride on the land.

“There is no area designated around the coastal areas that permit the use of such vehicles and it is thereby an offence to ride one in those areas.”

Hartlepool Police are appealing to members of the public to come forward with information about those using the bikes.

Insp Rukin added that all information will be acted upon and those responsible will be dealt with robustly.

Owners of the vehicles can face prosecution and have their vehicles seized and potentially crushed.

If you have information, ring the local neighbourhood policing team on the non-emergency number 101.