Drugs teacher banned from the classroom for life

Pictured Sunderland teacher  Michael Younghusband jailed over �30,000 cocaine deal Michael Younghusband, 30, of Kingswood, Penshaw

see Keith Brumwell

NOP SUPPLIED Pictured Sunderland teacher Michael Younghusband jailed over �30,000 cocaine deal Michael Younghusband, 30, of Kingswood, Penshaw see Keith Brumwell

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A FORMER teacher jailed for dealing £30,000 of cocaine has been banned from teaching for life after causing “immense damage to the profession”.

The teaching ban for Michael Younghusband, who taught at Dene Community School, in Peterlee, was imposed on behalf of Education Secretary Michael Gove.

It comes after a National College for Teaching and Leadership’s (NCTL) professional conduct panel found the 31-year-old was convicted last September at Durham Crown Court where he admitting possessing the Class A drug with intent to supply.

For the offence, committed on August 21 last year, Younghusband was jailed for 40 months, and is serving the sentence in Northumberland Prison.

The panel’s report says: “Mr Younghusband has been convicted of an offence of possession of a very significant quantity of cocaine which, according to the judge’s comments in sentencing comprised 744g with a value of just under £30,000 at street level.

“He pleaded guilty to possessing the drug with intent to supply and was told that, but for his guilty plea, the appropriate term of immediate imprisonment would have been five years.”

It adds that the judge, in sentencing, had said that Younghusband was addicted to the drug, that his involvement was due to pressure, and that he showed genuine remorse and had a determination to address his addiction.

But, expressing concerns about the public reaction if Younghusband was ever allowed back in the classroom, the panel recommended a permanent ban.

Giving the final decision on behalf of Mr Gove, NCTL official Paul Heathcote said Younghusband had caused “immense damage to the collective reputation of the profession” and that a ban was an “appropriate and proportionate sanction”.

Making it a lifelong ban, he said the majority of the disciplinary panel had recommended it should be a life-time one and added: “They felt that it would be inappropriate for someone with a conviction such as this to be working with children.

“Having considered the facts of this case – a conviction of possession of a significant amount of a class A drug with intent to supply resulting in a custodial sentence of in excess of over three years, I agree with the majority recommendation that Mr Younghusband’s prohibition order should be without provision for an application to have the order set aside.”

The decision means Younghusband, of Kingswood, Penshaw, Sunderland, is banned from teaching indefinitely in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children’s home in England.

Younghusband, who was ordered to pay back just £5 of his ill-gotten gains at a Proceeds of Crime hearing last month, has a right of appeal to the High Court.

Keith Brumwell, of Basingstoke Road, Peterlee, was jailed for 52 months when Younghusband was sentenced after admitting the same charge when the court heard Younghusband took the cocaine from him during a meeting in a car park in Penshaw.

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