Family’s horror as thugs smash window of Hartlepool home

(left to right) Emma Sedgwick, Megan Atkinson, Bailey Thornhill and David Thornhill outside of their Farr Walk home

(left to right) Emma Sedgwick, Megan Atkinson, Bailey Thornhill and David Thornhill outside of their Farr Walk home

A MUM has spoken of her horror after thugs smashed the front room window of her family’s home.

Emma Sedgwick, her partner David Thornhill and her six-year-old daughter Megan Atkinson were having a quiet Saturday night in when they were showered with glass from the double-glazed front room window of their Hartlepool home.

Shards of glass shattered all over little Megan’s Santa decorations on the window sill of the Farr Walk house, and broken pieces were also left scattered across the carpet.

Emma and David, both 28 – who were watching television at the time while Megan was in bed upstairs – ran to the front door and saw three people running off.

The shocked couple then rang the police and attended to Megan who was left traumatised by the incident.

Today Emma, who is now scared to be left alone in the house, said: “We were watching the television and I heard a shout from outside.

“I went to get up and that’s when the window came through. I don’t know what they’ve used to smash it because nothing came through with the glass.

“Whatever it was, it must have been used with some force to break the window in one go and cause all of that damage.

“The whole window is nearly out.”

She added: “I had a small cut on my foot off the glass, but no-one was hurt.

“Luckily Megan was upstairs in bed watching a DVD at the time, but she was really upset.

“She was so frightened that my friend, who lives nearby, had to come and get her and take Megan back to her house. She was that scared.

“I was horrified as well, I started screaming because I didn’t have a clue what was going on. There was glass everywhere, all over the carpet and all over Megan’s little Santas that were on the window sill.

“We just can’t believe that someone would do this, it’s just horrible.”

The family has now had to have the front room window boarded up and is waiting to arrange for a replacement.

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police confirmed the incident had taken place at around 11pm on Saturday and said that a 30-year-old man has been arrested.

He has been bailed pending further inquiries.


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