Cruel yob dumped cat in rubbish yard

The stray cat
The stray cat

A PAINT-COVERED cat was rescued from a skip after a heartless yob dumped it in a recycling yard.

The terrified moggy had been discarded like a piece of rubbish into one of the large skips at Hartlepool Borough Council’s recycling yard in Burn Road.

People unknowingly piled waste on top of the stranded animal that ended up covered in paint.

But she managed to squirm loose and was saved by a volunteer from Hartlepool charity Claws’n’Paws who happened to be at the site at the time.

The animal was pulled out from the mess and taken to Vets4Pets, in Belle Vue Way, to be checked over and was given the all clear.

She is now being cared for at the Claws’n’ Paws animal rescue centre near Summerhill, off Catcote Road, whose volunteers hope they can find a good home for the animal.

Paul Nugent, who runs the charity with his wife Erika, said: “Yet again this is an example of the North-East being the capital for animal cruelty.

“How anyone can do this to an animal I do not know. What were they thinking? They have just thrown this cat away as if it is a piece of rubbish.

“Luckily she has been saved.”

Erika added: “She is getting better, but is all over the place. She just wants to run a mile.

“We got most of the paint off, but we don’t want to put her through too much trauma. It’s obvious that someone has done this on purpose, but whether it is the owner, an unhappy neighbour or whatever, who knows?

“I would ask anyone who recognises the cat to get in touch, if they don’t we may already have a home lined up for her.”

Claws’n’Paws runs a volunteer rescue team that can deal with any reported sick, injured, neglected or abused small bird or animals found in distress.

Erika and Paul can be contacted on 07931 656555.