Dad saves girl, 3, from choking

Andy Cave and daughter Keerah.
Andy Cave and daughter Keerah.

A DAD saved his young daughter’s life when she started choking on a coin thanks to first aid skills he learned just weeks before.

Andy Cave was confronted with every parent’s worst nightmare when three-year-old Keerah got a penny lodged in her throat.

Andy Cave and daughter Keerah.

Andy Cave and daughter Keerah.

Keerah was unable to breathe and her face started to turn blue.

But Andy said he kept his cool as he had only recently taken a first aid course for his role as a kids’ football coach and knew exactly what to do.

He quickly bent Keerah over and patted her hard on her back several times to dislodge it.

Andy, 35, of Tristram Avenue, Hartlepool, said: “Keerah was counting the money in her money box. I was in the kitchen washing the pots when I heard a commotion and she came running over.

“She was just looking at me and was starting to go blue. It must have been lodged hard because she couldn’t even make any sound.

“I bent her over and gave her a couple of hard pats on her back and luckily it came out.

“I was over the moon and really relieved. It is okay doing first aid courses where they show you what to do, but if you get it wrong then it doesn’t matter.”

He added: “A couple of weeks previously I had done a coaching course teaching kids football and first aid was part of it.

“It just gave me that little bit of confidence. I’ve done first aid courses before, but this one was more child oriented.

“If I didn’t do that course I would have probably panicked and tried to get it out with my fingers which is the worst thing you can do as I might have pushed the coin further down.”

Andy, who is engaged to full-time mum Emma Picton, 31, completed the five-week course at Hartlepool’s Grayfields Sports Pavilion through Durham FA.

It was part of his work as a coach with Greatham Under 12s football club.

Andy, who is also dad to Jake, 11, and stepchildren Leona, 11, and Sophie, eight, insists he is no hero, but urged more people to learn first aid.

“I think it should be mandatory if you have got kids. It has helped me a hell of a lot.

“If I didn’t do that course I would probably have just froze so I would recommend first aid to anyone.”