Damage to gas blast house

A HOUSE which was rocked by a suspected gas explosion has suffered further damage after a garden fire spread to the property.

Police are investigating after a blaze at an unoccupied house in Rydal Street, in the Elwick Road area of Hartlepool, around 12.30am yesterday.

Two crews from Stranton Fire Station were sent to the terraced house, where a rubbish fire in a back yard spread to the property and entered its first-floor windows.

Fire chiefs say the house is only just being repaired from a gas explosion.

The Mail reported in June that residents in the street had to be evacuated after the blast, which caused the roof of the unoccupied house to lift and the chimney to topple over.

Firefighters spent an hour tackling the blaze.

Inspector Bernie Hanson, of Hartlepool Police, appealed for witnesses to the incident to call (01642) 326326 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.