Danger top found in store

Rachael Byron with the banned top found in a charity shop
Rachael Byron with the banned top found in a charity shop
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TRADING standards officials have warned parents to be vigilant after a banned children’s hoodie was found in a charity shop.

Officers were made aware that a charity shop in Hartlepool was offering to sell a child’s top with a cord running through the hood that was banned in 1976.

Laws were introduced at the time following a number of serious accidents involving young children where the hood cord had caught in play equipment resulting in strangulation.

Several children died before free-running cords in hoods were eventually banned.

Investigations have highlighted that production of the top in question stopped in 2009, but Trading Standards officers have provided advice and guidance to ensure similar defective products are not supplied in the future.

Rachael Byron, of Hartlepool Council’s trading standards team, said: “The Children’s Clothing (Hood Cord) Regulations 1976 makes it illegal to supply a child’s outer garment below 44cm across the chest that contains a hood cord.

“While we are satisfied that this particular design of children’s top is no longer being manufactured it would appear that this one has re-appeared via a well-meaning charity donation.

“We would like to take this opportunity to warn residents and traders about the regulations and the potential catastrophic consequences if the regulations are not adhered to.”

Hartlepool Trading Standards offer business advice to all traders within the town, and more information is available on (01429) 523362.