Desperate chase for mobile helicopter

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GUTTED Peter Blumer got into a chopper-bother when his brand new £300 mobile helicopter was blown away by strong gusts of wind – sparking a chase through the streets in the hope he would find it when it landed.

The 28-year-old radio web-editor couldn’t believe his eyes on Christmas morning when he opened the AR Drone 2.0 model mobile helicopter as a gift from his girlfriend, Kara Hatton, 21.

But joy to turned to despair just a week later as Peter was in the field near his home in Greatham flying the helicopter when a strong gust of wind picked it up, causing it to lose signal with his iPhone which it is controlled by, and blew it over in the direction of Rossmere.

Shocked Peter took chase on foot before he was picked up by Kara in the car, as they both desperately tried to keep an eye on exactly where the helicopter was going.

But after losing sight of his new model, Peter is now hoping somebody has found it and he gets it back unscathed.

If he is re-united with the helicopter, he will be able to see exactly where it went on its unexpected journey, as a camera is attached to the bottom.

“I’m absolutely gutted,” said Peter, of The Grove, Greatham.

“I have wanted one of them for so long but with the price I have never really been able to afford one so I couldn’t believe it when I unwrapped it on Christmas Day.

“It was on New Year’s Day when I was flying it in the village and all at once the wind picked up and it went really high.

“It came back down but then there was another really strong gust and it just took off. It went over the fire brigade headquarters and headed over to Rossmere but it was so high it could have ended up anywhere.”

Peter, who is now offering a reward to the person who reunites him with his helicopter, added: “It’s controlled with an iPhone and it shows on my phone exactly where it is but it just said it had lost connection.

“I gave chase on foot and Kara got in her car but there was just no chance we were catching it.

“We have put posters up in the shops at the Fens, I’m just desperate to get it back.”

Anybody who has found Peter’s helicopter should call him on 07746207243.