Doll found again after 50 years

Margerie Wheatley with one of the dolls she made in 1957 pictured by Hannah Liddle

Margerie Wheatley with one of the dolls she made in 1957 pictured by Hannah Liddle

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IT was more than 50 years ago when Marjorie Wheatley - barely a teenager at the time - designed this doll for a school project.

So the 69-year-old got quite a surprise when she went along to a history drop-in session last week, only to be reunited with the model - still in remarkably good condition.

Marjorie, a retired medical secretary, recalls designing the doll for an exhibition in Newcastle while she was a pupil at Galleys Field School, on the Headland.

Looking back, Marjorie thinks it was some time between 1955 and 1960. But it was last week when a chance conversation with a close pal led to the pleasant surprise of being reunited with the doll.

“I don’t know what got us talking about it but for some reason we started recalling the project where we designed the dolls for an exhibition,” explained Marjorie, who lives in Hart Village.

“My friend then told me that the history group had some similar dolls among their collection of Hartlepool memorabilia.”

Ironically, Marjorie was planning to go along to the Hartlepool Headland Local History Group’s drop-in, so quizzed members about the dolls.

And sure enough when the doll was plucked from the group’s historical town items, it was the exact model Marjorie had designed all those years ago.

“It was a real surprise,” said Marjorie.

“We knew the dolls were going for an exhibition in Newcastle but they must have then ended up back in town and in the hands of the history group.

“It’s a small world.”