Dyke House revamp report

Dyke House Sports and Technology College pupils Tarren Wager and Nicole Hogg  pictured wearing the new uniforms.
Dyke House Sports and Technology College pupils Tarren Wager and Nicole Hogg pictured wearing the new uniforms.

PUPILS and their parents are being urged to attend an open day event to get an exclusive insight into a new school.

Dyke House Sports and Technology College, in Hartlepool, is currently undergoing a £12.4m makeover that will see it rebuilt and remodelled.

Students at the school are expected to move into the new building, in Mapleton Road, next January.

School bosses are already planning a number of improvements involving changes to the school structure and the uniform.

Parents and pupils can cast their eye over the proposals at an open day.

The event will take place at the school’s current building, the former Brierton school site in Catcote Road, next Tuesday, July 19, between 4pm and 7pm.

School head Andrew Jordon said he is looking forward to giving parents the opportunity to see the new uniform, which will be introduced in September.

He said it will also be a chance for parents to keep up to date with the progression of the new building.

Mr Jordon said: “We wanted to organise an event to give parents the chance to come into school to see what we are doing and what changes we are making.

“It’s also a chance for Year Six pupils and their parents to take a look and get up to speed with all of the changes.”

As of next year, the pupils will be kitted out in their new school uniform, shown right.

Mr Jordon said the decision to change uniform was made to go alongside the move to the new building.

He added: “We are moving in to the new building in January and we wanted to give the kids some kind of lead in to that.

“The move to a blazer, shirt and tie brings us in line with other schools.”

When the new site opens, the building will be split into five areas to create a “school within a school”.

Each year group will remain in the same area, with the same set of teachers, for all five years

Mr Jordon added: “We will be having five schools of around 200 children within the school.

“It just gives staff the opportunity to work even closer with the students.

“The open event will also give parents the chance to see how this will work.

“The opening of the new building is a massive opportunity for both the kids and the community.

“It is going to be home to some fantastic facilities.”