Baby giraffe among arty delights at English Martyrs School

GIRAFFE: Wiktoria Borowicz, Y7 student with her giraffe.

GIRAFFE: Wiktoria Borowicz, Y7 student with her giraffe.

CRAFTY youngsters have shown their arty side with an amazing array of papier mache animals - including a 6ft baby giraffe.

Art tutors at English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, in Catcote Road, Hartlepool, say they are delighted with the efforts of the Key Stage 3 children who used chicken wire, papier mache and bedsheets to create the 

There was everything from crocodiles, parrots, killer whales and hedgehogs to dogs, elephants and cats after staff challenged the youngsters to the six-week challenge.

They were given just one word ‘animals’ and told to go home and work on the project with the help of family members.

Staff say they are delighted with the results, with arguably the pick of the bunch the 6ft giraffe created by Year 7 student, 11-year-old Wiktoria Borowicz.

The life-size baby giraffe now takes pride of place in the school reception, with tutors saying they were really proud of all of the children’s offers.

Jeremy Gribben, head of art and design at the school, said: “Key Stage 3 pupils were given a homework task which involved making an animal out of recycled materials.

“They were given just one word - animals - and told to work on the project at home with a member of their family.

“The results are incredible and it is hard to distinguish between the work of the Year 7 and Year 9 pupils, some of it wouldn’t look out of place at GCSE level, it is that good.

“We started doing this 3D project a couple of years ago and every year the competitiveness of the pupils really spurs them on to some excellent work.

“We ask them to take photographs as the piece develops and you can clearly see the progression and this year in particular it has really taken off.

“This is all work that has been done at home over a six-week period but it has also made the pupils more excited about their lessons at school as well.

“We are really delighted with how well the project has gone.”

Children in Key Stage 3, which covers Year 7 up to Year 9, all took part in the project and the pieces of art are on display in their 




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