Flipping good fun on Shrove Tuesday in Hartlepool

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YOUNGSTERS got into the Shrove Tuesday spirit by flipping pancakes in school.

The pupils from St Bega’s Primary School, in Thorpe Street, on the Headland in Hartlepool, took time out of the classroom and spent it in the kitchen with their head cook, Donna Watson.

The kids, aged from three to 11 years old, organised themselves into a pancake production line, with some cracking the eggs, others mixing the flour, and others pouring it into the frying pan.

Then they tossed the pancakes and, when they were cooked, took part in a traditional race in the school hall.

The hungry children then put their favourite toppings of fruit, juice and sugar on the pancakes and ate them all up.

Cook Donna Watson said: “It was good fun, the kids all loved it.

“They did everything. They started by cracking the eggs and mixing the flour, another one mixed and another put it in the frying pan.

“Two of the bigger ones put them into the oil and then they flipped them.

“They did it stage by stage like a little production line.

“They were really good and it was a good experience for them.”

She added: “Then they did a running race in the hall, which they all enjoyed and then they ate them 

Meanwhile, out of town, in Sedgefield, locals took part in a sporting tradition which has been taking place on Shrove Tuesday for almost 1,000 years.

The annual Shrove Tuesday Ball Game often lasts all day and sees players compete for possession of a small leather ball.

There are very few rules, but many conventions, including a free drink for the first player to take the ball into any one of the local pubs.

Each year, a resident is chosen to kick off the games by passing the ball through the bull ring on the village green three times at 1pm.

The game is thought to date back to the year 1256 when the stonemason who completed St Edmund’s Church challenged the countrymen to a celebratory game of football.

Asda staff, from the store in Marina Way, Hartlepool, also celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a pancake race.




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